Dear Families,

Welcome back for another awesome year at Inman Elementary!                                                                   The PTO Executive board is working towards several goals this year: improved communication, increased opportunities to come together as a community, and a successful fundraiser top our list.                              One way we are working toward this is by utilizing the full potential of our website! We are rolling out classroom message boards on to simplify room parent communication and be sure parents and teachers always have a reliable source for PTO information. Watch for more information on these in the coming weeks. We have also moved our PTO meetings to Friday mornings after Community Circle. We believe this resource draws in so many families that we could bring the meeting to you! Our evening meetings will also feature speakers on topics that our families care about.
     We are expanding our Spirit Night opportunities so that our Inman family will have an option to meet up and spend time together in the community every few weeks. We are always looking for new places to host these, so if you have an idea, please email us or bring the idea to a PTO meeting! We also look forward to seeing friends at our playground nights, school dance and Spring Fling. We are excited to share these experiences with our Inman families!
    Our fall fundraiser will be our 2nd annual Read-a-thon! Our funds this year will go towards redecorating the media center! We are hoping to top last years all-time record and make this our most successful fundraiser EVER!!! Again, welcome back for another great year at Inman!!!

Sara Van Etten-Athey

Emily and Elena's mom

Inman PTO President


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